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We can’t get away from taxes and interest, but we can avoid paying so much in each!

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Helping You With Identifying Tax Credits and Incentives, Tax Planning, and Tax Reduction Strategies.

Taxes are your single biggest expense. A recent article in Forbes noted that and estimated 9 out of 10 business owners are overpaying on their taxes. This is unfortunately the unintentional result of a profession. Very little is being offered in the way of proactive planning. Most tax and accounting professionals account for your income and expenses in a reactionary manner. Did you have a good year? Congratulations, now pay the tax. Sound familiar?

If you are a business owner and are paying taxes, contact us to see if you are among the estimated 90% who might be overpaying.

Meeting with one of our National Tax Strategists we partner with is the first step. They will get a snapshot of your business and pinpoint areas they can help! If you don’t need help, they will let you know.

Legacy Life Planning is here to strategically help!

Tax Credits & Incentives

Our top rated National Firm we partner with have a dedicated division focused full-time on tax credits such as the R&D and ERTC. Whether you are a business owner or a general practice accounting firm, the Legacy Life Planning team is available to assist you in leveraging these lucrative opportunities.

Tax Planning

It’s estimated 9 out of 10 business owners are overpaying on their taxes. If you take risks to grow a business, provide jobs, and produce goods and services to our country, you are entitled to all the benefits the tax code provides.

Tax Reduction Strategies

The vast majority of successful business owners regularly miss out on hundreds of tax deductions. Our flagship Tax Reduction Plan opens the door to real savings by leveraging the tax code to its fullest potential.

Corporate Tax Credits present a unique opportunity for business owners to capitalize on areas they typically don’t realize are available.

In our flagship Tax Reduction Plan, we present for your consideration and implementation often missed tax code-compliant deductions and strategies designed to save you money.

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